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Rob Zombie's new horror film, The Lords Of Salem, doesn't come out until April, but the rocker-turned-filmmaker is already working on his directorial outing. Zombie is working on a movie about the mid-'70s heyday of the Philadelphia Flyers, a hockey team so notorious for their violent tactics on the ice that they were nicknamed the "Broad Street Bullies." Philly.com caught up with Zombie at a Flyers game on Tuesday night (February 5th), where he was meeting with some of the members of the "Bullies" as part of his preparation for the movie.

Zombie said about the film, "It's the greatest sports story ever not told. It's been told other ways, but not film. I had to do it. It reads like fiction. It's so incredible." He added, "We're just wrapping up the script right now, looking to start shooting in the fall. This is sort of a fact-finding mission. This is where I try to get everyone to tell me stories they don't want to tell."

Zombie told us a few months ago that he planned to investigate the story extensively before shooting the movie: 'Since it's a true story, I'm just in the early phases of just acquiring all the information. You know, research. I'm trying to find as much of the information on everything as I can. Trying to find interviews with the players and different things, so we're going to like the NHL and Canadian TV and anywhere we can find footage. That's the stage it's in now, just the early research stage."

Zombie plans to shoot most of the movie on location in Philadelphia, saying, "It's a character-driven movie. There's such great characters. To just make a movie about hockey, hockey fans will love it, but nobody else will . . . This has incredible characters, except they're real."

The movie will mark Zombie's first foray outside horror, with his resume so far consisting of projects like House Of 1000 Corpses, Halloween and the upcoming The Lords Of Salem.

The Lords Of Salem opens in theaters on April 19th, just four days before the release of Zombie's fifth solo album, \Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor, on the 23rd.

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