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Korn made a sick fan's dream come true when the members of the band met with him last October, and now the fan has posted a video journal of that experience online. According to Loudwire, Korn agreed to meet with a fan named Tyler Sims after receiving a request from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Sims suffers from lupus, an auto-immune disease that leads to excruciating arthritic pain and other physical ailments.

Sims, who says he's always wanted to meet the group, traveled to Phoenix with his family to connect with them at a concert there. In his video, he describes being picked up in a limo and driven to the venue, where he got to watch from the side of the stage as the band went through their soundcheck. Sims then meets each band member, finally sitting down with singer Jonathan Davis to share stories about themselves.

Davis told us not long ago that ever since the group's earliest days, Korn's first and foremost priority has always been its fans: "We've always been a band about our fans, even when we first started out, when we playing clubs. I miss it so much. We'd play a gig, and we'd go out there and we'd hang out with the fans. We used to go to their houses, have barbecues, have parties, do all that stuff. Once the band got bigger, we weren't able to do that, so we're just continually trying to have that relationship with the fans."

Sims says in his video that Davis "really connected with me kind of deep. It felt good that they actually cared." He adds, "I've been a Korn fan since I was 10 years old. As I got older, I really connected with all the lyrics and I mean every song means something to me. It says something to me and it really gets me through a lot of the rough times I go through."

Korn spent much of 2012 on tour behind its 10th studio album, The Path Of Totality, but plans to begin work on a new set of material early this year.

The group will reunite with founding guitarist Brian "Head" Welch for several festival shows next summer, with Welch playing full shows with the band for the first time since 2004.

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