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Anyone hoping that one-time British supergroup Oasis will reunite at some point soon can forget about it. Singer Liam Gallagher, whose long-running battles with his brother. Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher, ultimately wrecked the band, was asked by Q magazine whether he was pleased for Noel's success as a solo artist. Liam replied, "Was I pleased for him? What, for splitting up my f***ing band? I'm not pleased for him, no! I hope he's f***ing happy but he doesn't look it."

The debut album from Noel Gallagher's solo act, The High Flying Birds, met with success and acclaim in the U.K. last year. Liam's band Beady Eye, on the other hand, was greeted with mixed reviews and lower sales.

Beady Eye has been working on a new album for release this year. As for rumors of an Oasis reunion, Liam said, "It was Noel who started that rumor . . . F*** Oasis as far as I'm concerned and f*** Noel Gallagher. The thought of going onstage with that f***ing idiot and hanging out with his daft mates . . . not interested, mate. We're Beady Eye all the f***ing way."

Oasis split in late August 2009 when a backstage fight between Noel and Liam turned physical just before a gig in Paris that was subsequently canceled.

The two brothers have blamed each other for the split and have even sued each other, with even their mother's attempts at a reconciliation falling flat.

Oasis was perhaps the biggest British group of the '90s and early 2000s, filling stadiums in their home country and scoring hits in the U.S. with songs like "Wonderwall," "Champagne Supernova" and "Don't Look Back In Anger."

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