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Rise Against is joining the list of bands going on hiatus after wrapping up nearly two years of touring last month. Frontman Tim McIlrath told Rolling Stone that the Chicago punk act is not going to rush back into the studio to record the follow-up to 2011's Endgame. He explained, "We're kind of focusing on recharging our batteries right now . . . We realize we need to invest time into our music and our songs, as well as invest time into ourselves, our lives, so I think for the next few months that's what we'll be doing -- getting away from it so we get a better perspective on what we want to do and what we want to accomplish when we sit down to write the next record."

McIlrath added that he is satisfied with what the band accomplished during the Endgame touring cycle, saying, "I feel really good about it. The record did really well, the shows did well, we had some great tours, we toured with some great friends of ours and we all feel very proud of what we did these couple of years."

Endgame, Rise Against's sixth studio album, debuted at Number Two on the Billboard album chart in March 2011, selling 85,000 copies in its first week of release. Both that number and the chart position were career highs for the band.

The disc featured three singles, "Help Is On The Way," "Satellite" and "Make It Stop (September's Children)."

McIlrath told us a while back that despite Rise Against's success, the band's mission has not changed from its early years: "The bands that I grew up listening to and watching, they would always take the stage with more in mind that just selling records and selling T-shirts. What we do today is just an extension of that. It's really just giving back to the scene that gave so much to us, you know, and trying to carry on that torch to the next generation of punk rock so they can see and understand what this music is, and what our responsibilities and our obligations are."

McIlrath said that the band might explore its softer side on its next album, an idea inspired by its 2012 cover of Bob Dylan's "The Ballad Of Hollis Brown."

Rise Against headlined arenas for the first time on the Endgame tour cycle, with McIlrath telling Rolling Stone that it was a strange transition to make. He remarked, "When we started this band we didn't have those aspirations . . . when we outgrew the punk dives we were kind of in uncharted territory. So we had to figure out how to navigate those waters and still keep our identity."

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