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Deftones frontman Chino Moreno gave an interview to the Irish Times in which he was asked if bassist Chi Cheng, who has been in a semi-comatose state ever since a November 2008 car accident, would enjoy the music that the band is doing now. Moreno replied, "Absolutely. Some of the best times in our lives have been together as friends making this music together and he's a very big part of it. I've been friends with him for most of my life. I think he would appreciate what we are doing now."

When asked if he thought there was a chance that Cheng would fully awaken one day, Moreno said, "Yes, I think so. That's what keeps us going. It will be four years since his accident. He's still alive, he's still fighting, he wants to make it through this. It has happened before in a lot of cases. We do keep positive and hopeful. It helps us to carry through and keep going. It could be the case that he never wakes up, but the best thing we can do is keep a positive mental attitude about things."

Moreno told us a while back that he's always felt like Cheng is fighting to wake himself up: "You look at him and it looks like, you know, my friend is still in there. You know, I mean, he doesn't look like an empty shell. It looks like there's someone in there, so all I can do is just hope that he's gonna snap out of it."

Deftones' seventh album, Koi No Yokan, debuted at Number 11 on the Billboard album chart last month.

Moreno told the Irish Times that the title "is a Japanese term which roughly translates as love at first sight, but there is no literal English translation of it. It is a powerful term and something that a lot of people are lucky enough to experience in one way or another . . . The record is not a concept record at all, but the notion of it is very powerful."

The first single from Koi No Yokan, "Tempest," is Number Eight on the rock radio chart.

Deftones will embark on a headlining North American tour next spring, starting on March 4th, 2013 in Rochester, New York and ending on March 30th in Houston.

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