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Black Keys singer/guitarist Dan Auerbach spoke with Rolling Stone on Friday (December 7th) about the band's five Grammy nominations, including Album of the Year and Best Rock Album, along with his own solo nomination as Producer of the Year for his work on not just the Keys' El Camino but projects like Dr. John's Locked Down. Auerbach said, "I'm excited about all of them. The producer one was a real shock to me. I was just really, really happy for (Dr. John) to to get nominated. I was texting with him last night. He's excited."

Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney celebrated Wednesday's (December 5th) Grammy nominations on their bus in Europe, where the band is on tour, but hit a snag crossing from France to the U.K. He explained, "We were on the bus so we got pretty, pretty drunk. We had to do that thing at customs. We almost didn't get let into the country. We got lucky. They're usually not as forgiving as they were last night. I thought Pat was going to get a cavity search."

Auerbach has continued to produce other artists, also offered an update on the status of the Keys' next studio album. He said, "Late January is when we're going to record. We never really rehearse or practice before we get into the studio. We'll just get in there and see what happens. I've been writing every day, but I never know what's going to be a song we use or not, you know."

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