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A man has shown up on a popular reality TV show trying to sell an actual California driver's license that once belonged to legendary guitarist Slash. According to Blabbermouth, the man -- identified only as Travis -- appeared on the History Channel's popular program Pawn Stars, which follows the staff of a Las Vegas "upper market" pawn store called the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.

Asked how he got his hands on Slash's ID, Travis said, "A good buddy of mine actually had it years ago. He got it from his girlfriend, who was a bartender, and she ended up being there serving these guys all long long. And the whole group were trying to get her to flash for 'em. So she did, she flashed one, and he threw it on the bar. I took it when I was about 18 and used it for my fake ID until I was 21."

Although Slash is one of rock's most recognizable figures, he told us he rarely gets bothered by fans in everyday life: "Depending on where you're at, sometimes you can get hassled if you're in a sort of high profile, you know, like in a nice restaurant or in a club or something like that. But everybody's really cool. I don't really get -- like, 'hassled' is a bad word. 'Recognized' is another way to put it. And I'm pretty low-key, and so people are usually very sort of, very polite and cool."

Travis turned up at the store in the middle of the night and wanted $50,000 for the license.

Store owner Rick Harrison only offered $1,000, saying, "If (Slash's) driver's license was worth 50 grand, I guarantee you he would be losing his license once a month and showing up at DMV, 'Ah, sorry, guys, I lost it again,' 'cause he would be selling that many."

Travis refused to accept anything less than $15,000 so no deal was reached.

Pawn Stars is currently in its sixth season and is the highest rated reality show on the History Channel.

Slash has been touring behind his second solo album, Apocalyptic Love. Current single "Standing In The Sun" is Number Five this week on the rock radio chart.

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