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Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus has told NME that the trio has begun writing a new album, saying, "Early next week I go back to Los Angeles to record an iTunes session for Blink-182, and we're starting to write the new record right now." As for a timeline on the disc, Hoppus added, "We're going to tour Australia in February . . . (so the) proper tour and the new album probably won't happen for about a year."

Hoppus said he hopes that Blink will provide fans in 2013 with the kind of "great new music" he felt was lacking this past summer, explaining, "I've kind of been in a dead-zone lately . . . I feel like this summer was kind of devoid of a lot of great new music. The new Matt & Kim album is coming out, I'm excited about that, the Mumford and Sons album I like . . . but, yeah, other than that it's been kind of a dry summer."

Blink's next album will follow up 2011's Neighborhoods, which was the first new set from the trio in eight years and first since ending a five-year hiatus in 2009.

Although creative and personal differences split the trio in 2004, drummer Travis Barker told us not long ago that Blink is getting along better than ever: "There was never any big reason for our hiatus except us being overworked and us not being able to communicate with one another, or communicate properly or effectively. So, you know, after getting back together, we were all kind of like, 'Well, what was it for anyways?' You know, there wasn't this big obstacle or this big problem we had to solve. It was more of like, 'We all need time and we need space to just gather our thoughts and get our heads straight.'"

The threesome reunited in 2009 after a plane crash nearly took Barker's life in September 2008.

Barker recently stated that he's looking forward to working on a new album, saying, "I feel like the best is yet to come, the next album is going to be exciting."

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