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Two of rock radio's most reliable staple acts, Three Days Grace and Papa Roach, release new albums on Tuesday (October 2nd). Three Days Grace is issuing its fourth full-length effort, Transit Of Venus, which follows up 2009's Life Starts Now. Frontman Adam Gontier told us that he has a lot of confidence in the band's latest material: "This record is what I believe to be our best record by far. It's still heavy, it's still raw, it's still real, and it's kind of back to our roots. Very similar in the sense to our first record and (second album) One-X. So we kind of got back to our roots in this one, so I think fans are gonna love it."

The first single from the disc, "Chalk Outline," has enjoyed three weeks so far atop the Active Rock radio chart, becoming the band's eighth single to go to Number One.

Three Days Grace will launch an 18-date club tour on Saturday (October 8th) in Dallas.

If you want to win a download copy of Transit Of Venus CLICK HERE.

Also coming out on Tuesday is The Connection, the seventh studio album from California's Papa Roach. The record was made during a difficult period in singer Jacoby Shaddix's life as both his marriage and his sobriety began to fall apart. But Shaddix managed to pull it together and told us that things with his wife are solid again: "We're working it out again, you know. We started going to therapy and counseling and doing that whole deal and really, like -- we both had to just lay everything out on the line and just be completely honest with each other, and in the whole process realizing, you know, we really, we are meant for each other, you know. It's just like, we've got to learn how to work together again as a team, you know. It sounds kind of cliche or whatever, but it's like, the left hand got to know what the right hand is doing, and the right hand's got to appreciate what the left hand is doing."

Shaddix admitted in several recent interviews that he came close to committing suicide earlier in the year as he struggled with his personal problems.

Even as he bounced back from those, Shaddix was sidelined last month by a nodes on his vocal cords, which sent him into surgery and forced the band to drop off the Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival tour.

Shaddix says his recovery from the operation is on track. The band is scheduled to resume touring in November.

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