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Muse releases its sixth studio album on Tuesday (October 2nd), called The 2nd Law, just over three years after the British trio cracked the mainstream in the U.S. with 2009's Grammy-winning The Resistance. In a track-by-track review, Billboard called the 13-song set "more immediately accessible" than its predecessor, adding that "Muse fans will have a hard time being disappointed by The 2nd Law, and rookies have a new perfect place to jump in."

Two of the songs on the disc, "Liquid State" and "Save Me," are written and sung -- a Muse first -- by bassist Chris Wolstenholme and deal directly with his decade-long addiction to alcohol. Wolstenholme told us that he believes the problem had its roots in his genetic makeup: "You know, my dad went through a similar thing and unfortunately he died when he was 40, you know. I spoke to people about it, and I spoke to a psychologist, and tried to get to the bottom of why it is that I went down that route. And, you know, I do think a big part of it is just genetics, you know. Some people have, you know, something that's going on in their brain that just will not allow them to control things, you know."

In a new interview with England's Observer, drummer Dominic Howard said that despite issuing several ultimatums to Wolstenholme, he and frontman Matt Bellamy stuck by their bandmate because of their belief in "band integrity."

The drummer added that Wolstenholme was able to hide his problem from the others because it did not affect his playing and he "wasn't a nasty drunk."

Wolstenholme, a married father of six, finally addressed the problem in 2009. The 2nd Law is the first album he recorded sober. He explained, "I'm enjoying it now. I threw myself into music in a way I hadn't done for 10 years. It sounds corny but it was the only thing that made me feel peaceful."

Muse has yet to announce North American tour plans behind The 2nd Law, although the band is expected to play here in early 2013.

The band will be the musical guests on this Saturday's (October 8th) edition of Saturday Night Live, with actor Daniel Craig hosting.

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