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Mumford & Sons have a few choice words for their critics just as the band's sophomore album, Babel, is about to come out and they aren't "thank you." Keyboard player Ben Lovett told the U.K. tabloid The Sun, "The cynics can just all f*** off. We think this new record will attract a different audience, which is really exciting. And broaden people's view of us."

Babel comes out on Tuesday (September 25th) and follows up 2010's hugely successful debut, Sigh No More, which featured the hit singles "Little Lion Man" and "The Cave."

Although Mumford & Sons spent a lot of time on making the new disc, frontman Marcus Mumford that the band is much more comfortable playing live than working in the studio.

He explained, "We wanted our second album to be an advert for our live shows. That's why it's more of a mixture than the first record. I'll tour until I'm dead as that's where we are most at home. And I hope that's come across on Babel."

The first single and video from Babel is called "I Will Wait." The clip's performance footage was shot in Colorado during the band's "Big Easy Express" tour, for which they traveled from show to show on a vintage train with two other acts. The tour was filmed for a documentary.

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