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Green Day has announced that frontman Billie Joe Armstrong is seeking treatment for substance abuse after he went on a profanity-filled rampage seven songs into the band's set at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas on Friday night (September 21st). According to multiple reports, Armstrong went ballistic after he noticed a clock giving the band one more minute to complete their set -- which had been abruptly cut from 45 minutes to 25, reportedly so that Usher could have more time.

Armstrong stopped the band in the middle of playing "Basket Case" and started shouting, "F*** this s***. Gimme a f***in' break, one minute left. One minute f***in' left. You're gonna give me one minute?! . . . I've been around since f***in' 1988 and you're gonna give me one f***in' minute?! You've gotta be kidding me." He added, "I'm not Justin f***in' Bieber you motherf***ers! You've gotta be f***in' joking. It's a f***in' joke. I've got one minute, one minute left, oh now I've got nothing left."

Armstrong then smashed his guitar on the stage and flipped off the promoters, saying "God f***ing love you all" as he stormed off the stage.

Green Day issued a statement on Sunday night (September 23rd), saying, "Billie Joe is seeking treatment for substance abuse. We would like everyone to know that our set was not cut short by Clear Channel and to apologize to those we offended at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas. We regretfully must postpone some of our upcoming promotional appearances."

The incident comes shortly after the band had to cancel a show in Italy after Armstrong was hospitalized for an undisclosed illness. Although it was later said that he was suffering from "severe dehydration," the latest turn of events now casts that incident in a new light.

The first of Green Day's three new albums, Uno!, arrives on Tuesday (September 25th).

It's not clear which promotional appearances the statement from the band was referring to, nor is there any indication yet of whether Armstrong's situation will affect the trio's upcoming headlining tour, scheduled to begin in November.

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