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How do you follow up what is possibly the most massive single of the past year? Gotye is trying to figure that out right now as he ponders which song to release as the follow-up to "Somebody That I Used To Know," which has topped four different radio charts, including Modern Rock, Triple A, Hot AC and Pop, and became the longest-running Number One song of 2012.

According to Billboard, the singer-songwriter is getting pressured by his record label to issue the title track of his latest album, Making Mirrors, as the next single, but Gotye has something different in mind. He explained, "I'd like to see the song 'State Of The Art' as a single -- whether many people would do that or not -- I'm really proud of that song. It's one of my favorites. It's a peculiar pop song and is probably the most unique song on the record."

Although there are more obvious singles on the album, Gotye added that he prefers taking a riskier approach. He said, "I think it would be a better idea to be bolder and pick that song and just see how people really take that."

Believe it or not, Gotye also admitted that he's not sick of "Somebody That I Used To Know." He said, "I don't get to listen to the radio that much so I'm not yet overexposed to it. My relationship with the music hasn't really changed much even with all the response to the song."

Gotye is currently in the midst of a North American tour that brings him to Toronto on Thursday night (September 20th).

After the rest of his fall tour schedule ends in mid-December with some shows in his homeland of Australia, Gotye will take a break and begin work on a new album in early 2013.

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