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A Stone Temple Pilots concert in Abbotsford, British Columbia on Monday night (September 17th) was delayed by nearly two hours without any explanation, according to Loudwire. Fans at the show reported that the opening act started its set at 8:30 p.m. and performed until almost 9:30 p.m., beginning a long break until STP finally showed up just after 11:00 p.m., with no word on what caused the delay. Many concertgoers had reportedly left the venue by the time the headliners came onstage.

Fans took to social networks and forums to voice their disappointment later on, with one writing, "We were worried there would be a riot! That is so disrespectful -- people paid good money to come and see them and spent time getting there, and they completely disregarded that fact."

Another fan suggested that blame should be laid at the feet of singer Scott Weiland, saying, "You can bet your life savings this event wasn't the Pilots' fault. It was Scott Weiland's fault. Robert (DeLeo, bass), Dean (DeLeo, guitar) and Eric (Kretz, drums) are completely different kinds of people from the negative qualities Scott displays (showing up late much of the time, being one). I would bet anything I had this escapade was Scott's fault alone."

Meanwhile, the band's Tuesday night (September 18th) concert in Lethbridge, Alberta was canceled outright. Weiland was said to be on 48 hours rest for "strained vocal cords."

STP has been on the road steadily since reuniting in 2008, but a number of dates have been marked by late appearances or erratic performances from Weiland, whose past history of substance abuse put the band on ice back in 2001.

The group's next scheduled performance is this Saturday (September 22nd) at the Epicenter Festival in Irvine, California.

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