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Puddle Of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin claims he was sober when he tried to purchase one beer on a Jet Blue flight from Boston to Los Angeles that ended with him being thrown off the plane and arrested in Austin, Texas. Initial reports suggested that Scantlin was intoxicated and allegedly became aggressive after the attendant refused to sell him the alcohol, forcing the Los Angeles-bound plane to make an unplanned stop at Bergstrom International Airport in Austin, where Scantlin was arrested.

But Scantlin told TMZ in a video interview that he was both wrongfully arrested and treated roughly by the police, saying, "When a grown man cannot purchase a beer on a five-hour flight from Boston to L.A., then the airlines are completely losing their minds. I was arrested for being sober on an airplane, trying to purchase a beer on Jet Blue."

The singer/guitarist alleged that he woke up from a two-hour nap on the plane and felt like having a beer when the flight attendant got "an attitude" with him.

Scantlin lifted his shirt in the video to show the camera where he suffered bruises from his alleged treatment at the hands of the Austin cops.

Scantlin was booked for public intoxication, but could also face federal charges of interfering with a flight crew. The musician said that the police didn't test him first to see if he was drunk before arresting him.

He is due in court in Austin on October 3rd, when he's scheduled to be arraigned. Any conviction could complicate his current probation for a felony cocaine possession charge stemming from an arrest last January.

As for the Austin police, spokesperson Lieutenant Joseph Chacon told TMZ that Scantlin was taken into custody without incident and with no use of force, and that the artist had not made any complaints about the arrest.

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