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The members of Korn were moved recently when they were presented with the uniform of a Marine killed in Afghanistan in 2010. According to Loudwire, Marine Lance Corporal William H. "Billy" Crouse IV was killed in a bombing in the country's Helmand province two years ago. At a recent concert in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Crouse's brother Ryan Rothman presented Korn frontman Jonathan Davis with Crouse's uniform, saying, "I want to give this uniform formally to you on behalf of my family. The inspiration you have had on my life and the impact of things you've brought me through and the things we shared through you and your music, I wanted him to be with you."

Davis responded, "I feel for your loss. We've lost a lot of kids, but it wasn't in vain, it was to keep our way of life going. I will have a special place for this, always."

In a video about his brother, Rothman spoke about Crouse's first Korn show, recalling, "When he was 13 years old, I took him to Indianapolis to see Korn. He was a lot bigger than me, and we went into the mosh pits. He was protecting me at that point, even though he was my little brother."

Davis has done a lot of work with the USO and the Wounded Warriors organization, arranging to spend time visiting injured members of the military in hospitals.

Korn has been touring Europe, and they are next scheduled to co-headline the ShipRocked 2012 cruise with Godsmack in late November. That boat ride will feature performances from Five Finger Death Punch, Sevendust and more.

Davis will also be on the road this fall as his electronic alter ego, JDevil, when he opens for Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson on their Twins Of Evil tour.

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