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Alternative rock singer/songwriter Beck will release a new album in December, but not as a CD, vinyl disc, or digital download. Instead, the project -- titled Beck Hansen's Song Reader -- will be published as individual pieces of sheet music. According to Rolling Stone, the idea is for fans to play and record the songs and bring them to life themselves. A post at Beck's website said, "The Song Reader is an experiment in what an album can be at the end of 2012. An alternative that enlists the listener in the tone of every track, and that's as visually absorbing as a dozen gatefold LPs put together."

The "album" will be published as 20 individual song booklets, one for each new song, for a total of 108 pages. The release will also include a hardcover carrying case, a foreword by Beck himself, and plenty of original artwork.

The publisher, McSweeney's, will post renditions of the tracks online performed by both readers and musicians, although it's not clear whether Beck himself or other well-known musicians will perform any of the songs.

Beck's last official full-length album was Modern Guilt, released in 2008.

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