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Two documentaries on Green Day are expected to compliment the release of three albums between late September and the middle of January. According to Billboard.com, Filmmakers, Tim Lynch and Tim Wheeler are creating a documentary on the making of the band's upcoming three albums, Uno!, Dos! and Tre!. The second documentary is reportedly being created from old footage from the group's time before their album, Dookie was released.

Billie Joe Armstrong said, "It's not going to be the sitting down, head shot of me going, 'We started out blah blah blah.' We wanted to get into lifestyles of rock 'n' roll and playing rock n roll and letting the story kind of tell itself rather than create revisionist."

They are reportedly trying to have the film ready by early next year to possibly premiere at the Sundance Film Festival.

Meanwhile, Green Day's first sing, "Oh Love" from Uno! will be on GreenDay.com at 9 am ET Monday, July 16. Uno! comes out September 25.

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