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Korn has released a trailer for the documentary Reconciliation which will be included with the deluxe edition of the band's new album, The Paradigm Shift. The film chronicles the exact story of how the band reunited with guitarist Brian "Head" Welch after more than eight years, along with Welch's past drug problems and much more.

Welch discusses his reasons for leaving Korn in the documentary, saying, "It's a blur because I was on like three different kinds of methamphetamine, but all I know is I wasn't happy, I didn't like being in the band, I didn't like most of the guys and I didn't like myself more than anything. Being a drug addict, not liking your surroundings and trying to raise a daughter all at the same time; it just doesn't really work. Something needed to give. Something needed to change and I didn't care what the cost was gonna be. I needed to live. I needed to come back to life because I was almost dead."

Welch told us a while ago that he was in especially bad shape the last two years before he left Korn in early 2005: "2003 is when I started using speed every day. Meth. I got hooked on meth and in order to get up and function, even play the show, I had to snort lines, you know. And I told myself, 'I'll do this tour, I'll do this Ozzfest, and I'll do meth the whole time and I'll go home and check into a rehab.' And it scared me, you know, 'cause I was like coming -- every month I would tell myself, 'I'm gonna stop this tour,' and I wouldn't be able to do it. Like a fear would come over me. I was just trapped."

Korn will release The Paradigm Shift on October 8th. The deluxe edition will feature two bonus tracks in addition to the documentary DVD.

The band will kick off a headlining North American tour on September 26th in Philadelphia, concluding in Las Vegas on October 12th.

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