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Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich is currently at the Cannes Film Festival in France, where he is talking with various international distributors about the band's upcoming feature film, Metallica Through The Never. Ulrich, a well-known film buff who has even done a little acting in a handful of movies, was asked by Getty Images Entertainment if he ever considered actually directing a movie himself one day.

He replied, "The biggest enemy I have is time. Metallica in its 32nd year is busier and has more projects on the table and takes up more of my time than it ever has. I may do it. I would love to do something. I have actually been offered the chance to both direct and produce as well as write and I've acted in a couple of films so I do what I can."

But, Ulrich added, "Metallica is the main thing in my life and I'm not going to turn my back on that."

Metallica Through The Never will open on IMAX screens in the U.S. on September 27th, with a wider release following on October 4th.

The movie stars Dane DeHaan has a member of the band's road crew who is sent on a mysterious mission while the group headlines a concert at an arena. The film is said to mix a conventional storyline with concert footage.

Ulrich said about the filmmaking process, "Making a movie at this level has been a little overwhelming. In the music world, you get very used to controlling your environment and in the film world there is nothing to control . . . it's just like a complete clusterf*** . . . and there's a bizarre beauty in that."

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