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We know that Rob Zombie has a dark sense of humor, so we're pretty sure that this story isn't exactly factual in nature. While speaking with Fuse at the just completed South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, Zombie decided randomly to elaborate on the time he supposedly smoked crack with Ozzy Osbourne and Rick James.

Zombie revealed, "We were at Rick James' house smoking crack together, all three of us -- me, Ozzy, Rick James. And then someone caught the couch on fire, I think he (James) had his girlfriend tied up in the corner, was burning her. It was good times. No wait, it was on his tour bus. No, I don't remember, that was a long time ago. You can only smoke so much crack and keep the story straight."

The late James was notorious not just for his cocaine use but for several incidents -- one of which landed him in prison for two years -- involving kidnapping, sexual assault and in one case torture for allegedly tying up a 24-year-old woman and burning her legs with the hot end of a crack pipe.

All Zombie said about James was that he was "very huggy, I remember."

Zombie and Ozzy, of course, go way back, with Zombie telling us that he first met the Black Sabbath singer nearly 20 years ago: "I don't even remember why I was meeting him. It was very early on, I mean, it was '95 maybe or something, and I went over to his house...not the house that they had on the TV show The Osbournes, but the house they lived in before that, the one next door to Pat Boone. And it was great. You know, I'd always loved Ozzy, loved Black Sabbath, and it was just me and Ozzy in his house and he played me this entire album he had made with (producer/songwriter) Mark Hudson that was very Beatles-sounding. It's never been released, but it was fantastic."

Zombie has a triple threat coming next month: his latest film, The Lords Of Salem, opens on April 19th, with the soundtrack arriving on the 16th. One week later, on April 23rd, he'll issue his fifth solo album, Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor.

The rocker/filmmaker added in the Fuse interview that he'll begin a two-year touring cycle for the new album on June 29th.

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