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Muse couldn't dislodge Mumford And Sons from the top spot on the Billboard album chart this week, but the British trio managed to make it to Number Two as new disc The 2nd Law sold 101,000 copies in its first week of release. That's the highest U.S. chart position ever for Muse, who landed at Number Three in 2009 with The Resistance and Number Nine in 2006 with Black Holes And Revelations.

Muse are now bona fide stars in the U.S. after a decade-long climb that reached its peak with "Uprising," the Number One single from The Resistance. Bassist Chris Wolstenholme told us that having a hit at the right time and being a constant presence on tour helped seal the deal: "You know, when 'Uprising' came out, you know, sometimes just a song at the right time just makes a connection. And I think here, more so than anybody else, that song just seemed to connect. I think it was, you know, on the chart for weeks and weeks and months or whatever, you know. So that obviously helped, but I also think just the fact that we kept coming back and we kept touring, and I think for the, you know, the fourth and fifth album we were probably spending six or seven months of each touring cycle in the States, you know."

Mumford And Sons' sophomore effort, Babel, enjoyed another week at the top despite sales dropping 72 percent with 169,000 copies sold, as opposed to last week's 600,000.

The week's second big rock debut, Transit Of Venus from Three Days Grace, entered at Number Five with sales of 48,000 copies. 2009's Life Starts Now landed at Number Three with 79,000 albums sold.

Papa Roach's new one, The Connection, sold 22,000 copies to debut at Number 17 -- a modest improvement over the 16,000 copies sold and Number 23 debut of 2010's Time For Annihilation, which was half live and half studio.

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