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Jack White abruptly stopped his show at New York's Radio City Music Hall on Saturday night (September 29th) after just 55 minutes, exiting the stage without a word of explanation to the audience. According to Rolling Stone, White was 12 songs into a set that leaned heavily on his debut solo album, Blunderbuss, with a few White Stripes classics thrown in. But despite the crowd's enthusiasm, White seemed unhappy with its energy level. He even said at one point, "Jesus Christ, is this an NPR convention?" -- despite the crowd being on its feet and cheering for his solo track "Love Interruption." Ironically, he later asked them to quiet down because "I can't hear myself think."

When he finally left the stage, the audience at first believed it was an intermission and stayed around until crew members came onstage and began unplugging equipment as the curtain came down to chants of "F*** Jack White."

Although no official statement or explanation for the shortened show was given, a member of White's security team later told the New York Observer, "(White) wasn't happy with the sound. I don't know why he pulled that."

The Observer also noted that White had several "angry exchanges" with a shirtless fan in the front row who was removed by security.

White returned on Sunday night (September 30th) for a second show at the venue, this time delivering a complete 21-song set in around 85 minutes. The singer/guitarist appeared to be in a much better mood but barely spoke to the crowd, which roared with enthusiasm throughout the evening.

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