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Tuesday (September 25th) brings the release of Babel, the second album from British alternative folk-rock act Mumford & Sons. The new disc follows up 2010's debut, Sigh No More, which sold two million copies and became one of the biggest success stories of the past several years. Now the foursome is back with an album that Billboard says "dials Mumford's volume knob several distinct notches past the place it's sat for the last three years. Babel reveals . . . a larger, smoother Mumford, offering fresh nuances and textures while emboldened by the promise of the initial mission. The group is still skyrocketing into success, and these four gentlemen are in a powerful creative zone as they pack another album with sing-alongs."

The album's first single, "I Will Wait," is already Number Two on the Modern Rock radio chart.

The Billboard review added that frontman Marcus Mumford "sounds stronger and more convinced of himself. The percussion remains a low throb below the earnest string-based songwriting. The guitars are richer and more vivid. The banjo continues its pluck into pop culture's curious eye. The bombast is clearer. "Babel" is not the wheel reinvented; it's the wheel in HD."

Mumford & Sons will tour the U.K., Australia and New Zealand through the rest of 2012, but should be coming to North America sometime in early 2013.

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