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Muse played its first show in more than a year on Thursday night (September 20th) in Cologne, Germany, debuting five previously unheard songs from the British trio's upcoming album The 2nd Law. According to NME, the 2,000 fans in attendance were the first to hear "Supremacy," "Panic Station," "Animal," "Save Me" and "Follow Me," in addition to the current single "Madness," and the band's theme song for the 2012 Olympics, "Survival." The disc arrives in stores a week from Tuesday (October 2nd).

The set was also packed with favorites from previous albums, including "Hysteria," "Time Is Running Out," "Knights Of Cydonia," "Uprising," "Resistance," "Supermassive Black Hole" and "Starlight."

Frontman Matthew Bellamy told us a while back that Muse relied on its live show in its early years to build its audience: "It always seems that the band has become known through playing live, mainly, as opposed to record sales or anything like that. It seems like the live side of things was always the most, the kind of, that was the heart and soul of the band was what we do onstage. And it seemed wherever we toured, you know, we'd come back and it'd be a bigger venue in the same town kind of thing, you know."

Drummer Dominic Howard said after the show, "The new stuff went down well, and we were nervous of course. For the first gig back you're like, 'f***ing hell, how do we do this again?' But then we just relax into it, settle in and you look forward to the next one."

For Muse, the next one is a special club show this Sunday (September 30th) in London before the group heads out across Europe for the rest of the fall. North American dates are in the works for early 2013.

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