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Muse frontman Matt Bellamy has revealed something that should make tabloids eager for inside info on his relationship with actress Kate Hudson happy: the band's upcoming album, The 2nd Law, marks the first time the band members have discussed their relationships on a record. Bellamy told the New Zealand Herald, "We're singing about things like relationships for the first time. Actually, I did that for a bit on the first album (1999's Showbiz) but then I started doing interviews and thought, 'Oh my God, I can't answer these questions they're getting too personal.' So that's when we started getting all conceptual and pretending the album was about the end of the world, or whatever."

Bellamy has been in a relationship with Hudson for more than two years, with the couple having a son last year named Bingham.

Bassist Chris Wolstenholme has written and sung two songs on the new disc that deal candidly with his struggle with alcoholism over the past few years.

The 2nd Law is due out October 2nd and also features the British trio experimenting with different styles, such as dubstep.

Bellamy said, "Every album we do we try to find new ground and new sounds to play with and new instruments, new styles of songwriting and new styles of production. Because change is what creates momentum in a band and I think we're lucky, all three of us are very open to exploring new avenues."

The first single from The 2nd Law is "Madness."

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