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Imagine Dragons' first full-length album, Night Visions, debuted at Number Two on the Billboard album chart on Wednesday (September 12th), with healthy first week sales of 83,000 copies. What's startling is that a full 90 percent of the album's sales were in the form of digital downloads, and many of them were due to a feature on iTunes called "Complete My Album." With four tracks from the full-length issued earlier this year on an EP called Continued Silence, iTunes customers who had bought any of those tunes earlier were allowed to apply them to the cost of the complete album.

The Continued Silence EP, which featured two additional non-album tracks, was pulled from circulation last week when Night Visions was released.

The lead single from the new album, called "It's Time," is currently Number Six on the Modern Rock chart.

Imagine Dragons drummer Ben McKee told Alternative Addiction about the Las Vegas-based group's success, "I think we've all been pretty blown away by the way things have been received . . . When you write these songs you have no idea what they're going to do. Especially 'It's Time' and songs we had written a while ago. You just don't think in terms of 'I bet this will be in a trailer' or 'I bet we'll hear this on the radio.' We just didn't think in those terms."

Imagine Dragons is on the road with AWOLNation throughout this month and October, and will next play Milwaukee's Rock The Green festival on Saturday (September 15th).

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