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Buckcherry's upcoming new concept album, Confessions, is becoming less conceptual by the minute. Guitarist Keith Nelson told Pop Culture Madness, "It kind of started off as a concept record and then evolved away from that, so I wouldn't really call it a concept record right now, but it definitely has a theme to it." Although it was slated to arrive this month, Nelson added, "We're still hoping to get it out by the end of the year, but if not, probably early next year. We're just trying to tie up some loose ends behind the scenes that really don't have anything to do with the actual material that's on the record, so as soon as we know, we'll let the world know and we'll get on with it."

Concept or not, singer Josh Todd told us a while back that he and Nelson have always just wanted to make music they liked: "When we started out, I remember Keith and I just saying that we had gotten to a point where just, like, we just wanted to make music that we were excited about. It was just all about, like, 'Let's just go and enjoy ourselves.' And we still have that philosophy today, you know, like we don't want to overthink it and we don't want to chase radio, you know, we just want to make the music that means something to us. And if it's real to us, it's gonna be real to everybody else."

The idea behind Confessions was taken from a screenplay written by Todd and loosely based on events in his own life.

The group was hoping to get a short film made in conjunction with the album into some film festivals. Nelson said that the music and film complemented each other, but could also stand independently of each other and still be understood.

Buckcherry is playing scattered dates throughout the fall and will next appear in Anaheim, California on September 19th.

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