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Evanescence singer Amy Lee and her manager, Andrew Lurie, have been targeted by the Internet hacking group Anonymous for allegedly preventing a witness from reporting child pornography offenses posted on the band's web forum. According to Noisecreep, Anonymous claims that Lee and Lurie have forced a user on the forum named Sam Smith to sign a non-disclosure agreement that prevents him from reporting illegal images and acts -- many involving children -- at the online Evanescence fan forum.

Anonymous' statement said in part that it plans to "expel from the Internet and systematically destroy" both Lee and her label, Wind-Up Records. The group claims to have evidence that Lee and her reps used "corporate legal threats to hide evidence of child pornography and their own culpability in attempts to procure the suicide of a teenager" and hid "evidence of child molesters lurking on their official chat board."

Neither Lee nor Lurie have issued a statement, but Lurie has ordered the forum, EvThreads.com, shut down.

Smith was forced to sign the agreement, claims the group, to prevent him from blowing the whistle on users who have allegedly posted horrific images, including sexual offenses against a physically disabled male minor and cartoons with pre-teens in lawful poses but captioned with sexual comments.

Posts about bestiality and drug use were also mentioned.

Anonymous supposedly discovered the posts through a program called Operation PedoChat, which is designed to stop pedophiles. They have shared their findings with authorities in the U.K. and asked that they intervene to get Lee and Lurie to resolve the problem.

The group also plans to protest the band's U.K. shows in November unless the matter is cleared up by then.

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