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All That Remains singer Phil Labonte has attacked Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello on Twitter over Morello's recent op-ed piece in Rolling Stone on Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan. Commenting on the fact that Ryan, a right-wing extremist, named the ultra-liberal Rage as one of his favorite bands, Morello wrote in part, "I clearly see that Ryan has a whole lotta 'rage' in him: A rage against women, a rage against immigrants, a rage against workers, a rage against gays, a rage against the poor, a rage against the environment. Basically the only thing he's not raging against is the privileged elite he's groveling in front of for campaign contributions."

Now Labonte has gone after Morello over his comments, saying, "Tom Morello is a communist and a fool. He's also had the wool pulled over his eyes by the system." He added, "I'm not saying he's dumb, I'm saying he's a fool for the statist perspective that our government is good (with) a Democrat is in office."

Labonte added that he's no fan of Republicans either, saying that both parties are "two sides of the evil coin," but here's the thing: Morello was only going after Ryan in his piece and said nothing about Democrats either.

In fact, Morello has told us many times that although he once worked for Democratic senator Alan Cranston, he's not a fan of either political party: "I've always felt more much comfortable, you know, on the outside, lobbing musical Molotov cocktails over the barbed wire fence and, you know, I believe that both political parties are severely flawed, and neither one of them really represents the true needs of the vast majority of Americans."

Labonte, a staunch gun-rights advocate, recently wrote his own op-ed piece for Alternative Press supporting the Second Amendment rights of Americans to bear arms.

Morello has yet to respond to Labonte's remarks.

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