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Attorneys for Pizza Hut and Home Depot have denied using the music of the Black Keys in commercials without the band's permission, according to the Associated Press. The duo launched copyright infringement lawsuits against both corporations in June, claiming that Home Depot did not have permission to use elements of their song "Lonely Boy" in an ad for power tools, while also alleging that Pizza Hut misused their latest single, "Gold On The Ceiling," in a recent commercial. The companies separately denied the allegations in court documents filed last week in Los Angeles.

Both companies are asking a judge to have the band pay their attorneys' fees if they win the case.

Both tracks appear on the band's latest and most successful album, 2011's El Camino.

The Black Keys are not averse to selling their songs for use in ads, movie trailers and TV spots, with frontman Dan Auerbach telling us that the very first ad that used a Black Keys song had an instant impact for the band: "We started playing shows after it, and realized that people were reacting to the song that was in the commercial. People were familiar with the song from like a TV show or something. And it just like blew our minds, and it made us feel like bands had just been lied to, and that whole stigma that was on that was just such b.s., you know, especially if you make those records in an honest way."

The Keys seek unspecified damages of more than $75,000 apiece and an order preventing the continued use of the songs in the commercials.

The Black Keys are currently in Europe but will launch a two-week U.S. tour on September 29th in New York City at the Global Festival.

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