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Drowning Pool has released a new song called "In Memory Of..." to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of the death of the band's original singer, Dave Williams. The band said in a statement, "This song is dedicated to anyone and everyone who has lost a friend or family member. This one is from us to you, Dave." Williams died on tour in 2002 of heart disease and other issues after singing on the band's debut disc, Sinner.

"In Memory Of..." is the first studio recording to feature new Drowning Pool singer Jasen Moreno, who replaced Ryan McCombs earlier this year. Guitarist C.J. Pierce told us what happened with McCombs: "You know, like with any relationship, sometimes they go sour and you just gotta go your own ways. You know, we had a great time with Ryan. We did a lot of great things with him -- two great records I'm very proud of. But, you know, our relationship just kind of came to an end, like they do, and I wish him the best of luck."

McCombs spent six years in Drowning Pool, recording 2007's Full Circle and 2010's self-titled fourth album.

McCombs himself replaced Jason "Gong" Jones, Williams' initial replacement, who contributed to one record, Desensitized, before exiting in 2004.

Pierce said about Moreno, who made his live debut with the group this summer, "He's everything we hoped for in a singer . . . Jasen has brought us not only a new voice but a new fire to the Drowning Pool sound."

Drowning Pool's fifth album and their first with Moreno is due out in early 2013.

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