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Jack White is pushing back against a report by the Guardian in which it is claimed that the singer-guitarist has signs posted at his concerts which state that the use of Twitter and Facebook during his shows is "strictly prohibited" and that fans should "leave your phones in your pockets/purses and enjoy the show live and in person." White's team, however has decided to respond and set the record straight through a post at the website of his label, Third Man Record.

The post reads, "Let us just say that there has never been a sign posted by our touring crew or team at one of Jack's shows telling people to not use Facebook or Twitter during the performance . . . The only thing that we've ever asked of the audience is to not take pictures or videos while holding up their cameras, phones, etc. that block other people's view or otherwise hinder other fans' concert experiences. Along with that, the bigger idea is for people to experience the event with their own eyes and not watch an entire show through a tiny screen in their hand."

To discourage seeing an ocean of smartphones waving in the air, taking pictures and blocking the view of others, White has every one of his concerts professionally photographed, with the pictures posted online.

White explained his thinking earlier this year, saying, "The worst thing is to watch a young kid watching a show on their camera screen instead of watching it on stage. You just want to take it out of his hand and go, 'come on man, that's not what this is about.'"

White, who is touring behind his debut solo album Blunderbuss, plays in Seattle on Tuesday night (August 14th).

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