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Up-and-coming alternative rock band Imagine Dragons is so entrenched in the culture of their hometown of Las Vegas that they've recorded all their music in a casino. According to Rolling Stone, the band laid down their debut album, Night Visions, in a state-of-the-art recording studio located on the third floor of the Palms Casino -- where they also recorded their earlier EPs.

Bassist Ben McKee said that the band developed its sound while playing on tiny stages at noisy, smoky casinos in Las Vegas. He explained, "We were competing with all of the slot machines, all the bikini-clad blackjack dealers and all of that. We really had to work extra hard to get people to look up from their next billion-dollar potential win and actually pay attention to our music."

Frontman Dan Reynolds added, "Being from Las Vegas is going to influence any band. There's no place like Vegas. The culture there is like an anti-culture. It's so devoid of culture that it has, like, its own thing."

Imagine Dragons is currently making its mark on pop culture with "It's Time," the group's first single, which has climbed to Number Six on the Modern Rock chart.

Night Visions arrives in stores on September 4th. Imagine Dragons will play a hometown record release party on the 5th, before starting a tour with AWOLNation on September 10th in Portland, Maine.

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