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Incubus and its manager Steve Rennie don't appear to have their messaging straight. According to Alternative Addiction, Rennie told CBS News that reports of an extended band hiatus or even a break-up were not true -- although singer Brandon Boyd said that the group was taking the former route after finishing the upcoming Honda Civic Tour.

On a conference call with reporters, Boyd said that the band had "no plans" and was "without a record label," adding, "We'll probably take another break." Incubus took five years between its 2006 album Light Grenades and last year's If Not Now, When?.

Rennie, meanwhile, said that Boyd's comments were misinterpreted, explaining, "Incubus has always taken a bit of a break after making an album and touring in support of it. After they finish the tour, they'll have been on the road for a year and a half. Any band would need a break after that."

On that same conference call, Boyd said that Incubus was looking forward to working without a record label: "We definitely got a taste of what it's going to be like without a record label on this latest album cycle with If Not Now, When? Though we were still signed to Epic Records, there was a real lack of direction and leadership when we kind of needed it the most. laughs And it was hard and it was frustrating but it's forced us into thinking outside that normal music industry paradigm that we had gotten so accustomed to."

If Not Now, When? is Incubus' seventh album and completed its contract with Epic Records.

Incubus and Linkin Park will begin the Honda Civic Tour together on August 14th in Mansfield, Massachusetts.

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