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10 Years has released its sixth studio album, Minus The Machine, which arrived in stores Tuesday (August 7th) on the band's own label, Palehorse Records. The disc follows up the band's last effort for a major label, 2010's Feeding The Wolves, and bassist Lewis Cosby told us that becoming independent again gave the band a new jolt of energy: "This time around, it felt like we were an unsigned artist again and we were able to do whatever the hell we wanted to do. Complete freedom, complete control -- there's not a track on this record that we're not just super-proud of. It was such a pleasant experience this time, we really had fun."

The first single and video from Minus The Machine, called "Backlash," is currently Number 24 on the Active Rock radio chart.

Feeding The Wolves featured the hit singles "Shoot It Out" and "Fix Me." The band's previous hits include "Beautiful" and the chart-topping "Wasteland."

10 Years will next perform on September 16th at a radio festival in Dayton, Ohio.

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