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Green Day will release an eight-CD box set called The Studio Albums 1990 - 2009 on September 4th, consisting of all eight of the band's previous studio efforts, starting with the band's 1990 debut, 1,039/ Smoothed Out Slappy Hours, all the way through 2009's 21st Century Breakdown. The rest of the discs in the set include Kerplunk (1992), Dookie (1994), Insomniac (1995) Nimrod (1997), Warning (2000), and American Idiot (2004). The Best Buy exclusive will feature each album in an individual paper CD sleeve with original artwork, with all eight housed in a clamshell box.

Green Day has had one of the most successful and expansive careers of any band to emerge out of the punk rock movement. But frontman Billie Joe Armstrong told us a while back that he finds it difficult to reflect on the group's past: "It's hard to look back when you're thinking about the future so much. We've done a lot of things. Like, when we started playing punk rock music, it was already a proven fact that you couldn't be famous or get big or be a millionaire off of being in a punk rock band, and we've definitely broken those rules. But we've tried to take it in and just move on, you know. It's just crazy. It's been a pretty strange journey indeed."

Following the box set's arrival, Green Day will release its next three albums, Uno!, Dos! and Tre! on September 25th, November 13th and January 15th, 2013, respectively.

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