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Muse bassist Chris Wolstenholme has revealed in a new interview with NME that two of the tracks on the band's upcoming album were inspired by his battle with alcohol addiction. Wolstenholme said that he wrote the songs, called "Save Me" and "Liquid State," after he managed to beat his drinking problem with the help of a cognitive behavioral therapist. He explained, "'Liquid State' was written about the person you become when you're intoxicated and how the two of them are having this fight inside of you and it tears you apart. 'Save Me' was about having the family, the wife and kids and, despite all that crap that I've put them through, at the end of it you realize they're still there and they're the ones who pulled you through."

Wolstenholme, who has six children, said that his drinking problems reached their peak during the sessions for Muse's 2009 album The Resistance. He admitted, "I was incredibly unhealthy, overweight, a mess . . . There was only two ways to go: die in a few years or stop. The same happened to my dad, he was 40 when he died. I'd just turned 30 and it was that realization that if I go the same way I could be dead in ten years. Ten years is not a long time."

The two songs -- which Wolstenholme also sings -- mark the first time that the bassist has written lyrics for Muse. He told us not long ago how he feels about expressing oneself through the words of a song: "Obviously when it comes to writing lyrics, I think it has to be a personal thing really. Because, you know, to try and change somebody's lyrics is like trying to change somebody's opinion, you know. Everyone's entitled to their opinions and their views on things, and you should be allowed to express them however you want, I think."

Aside from Wolstenholme's songs, most of the 13 tracks on the band's new disc, called The 2nd Law, are conceptual tunes about the Earth itself revolting against humanity. Frontman Matt Bellamy said, "There's this paradigm of growth that seems to be accepted, everyone's peddling it, all the politicians, all the corporations, and no one seems to recognize that the planet's just not that big."

The 2nd Law arrives on September 18th, with first single "Unsustainable" heading to rock radio next month. The album will also include "Survival," which was picked last month as the official theme for the 2012 Olympics, which are just getting underway in London.

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