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Although the cancellation of the White Stripes' final tour in 2007 -- which eventually led to the demise of the band itself -- was blamed on drummer Meg White suffering from "acute anxiety," former frontman Jack White has revealed in a new interview with MSN Music that he was dealing with his own stress at the time as well over what people thought of him. White explained, "The judgment that's thrown on you is just unbearable. . . I just kind of sat in a corner, pondering, and letting it torture me. It's no fun when you have no alternatives. That can really seriously make you wonder if you even want to be alive, because when you feel that feeling of you just can't win . . . I don't know."

That inner turmoil led White to record the 1965 Them song, "You Just Can't Win," with his later act The Dead Weather.

White also said that the "will to survive makes you break out of it," adding that his breakthrough moment came when he realized that he had no regrets. He remarked, "I started to think, 'You know, I've never regretted any music I put out.' When I came to that realization, it was just like, 'I'm fine. As long as I'm not unhappy with myself.'"

White released his first-ever solo album, Blunderbuss, this past spring, with the record becoming the first of his career to debut at Number One on the Billboard album chart.

The singer-guitarist has been touring with two back-up bands -- one all male, the other all female -- and will play at Lollapalooza in Chicago on August 5th.

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