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Ozzy Osbourne says that rock stars have the same personality traits as those affected by personality disorders. He told Kerrang! magazine that if you can't separate your personal life from your onstage persona -- you will get into a lot of trouble.

Ozzy said, "Performers are like schizophrenics. When you're onstage that's what you do, but when you are offstage you've got to be different. It got me in all kinds of trouble. Rock and roll is bad for that stuff, but if you think that's bad, you want to get involved in the acting world. They go nuts!"

Meanwhile, Ozzy has thanked his fans for their support following his son Jack's announcement after he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. He wrote in his health column in The Sunday Times Magazine, "A big thanks to everyone who's written in with their support over the past few weeks. Jack has promised to kick MS's a**, and I know he will. God bless, Ozzy".

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