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Muse was interviewed on Wednesday night (June 27th) on BBC Radio One after the premiere of the trio's new track, "Survival," which has been selected as the main official song of the 2012 Olympic Games. According to FMQB, the band also spoke about its upcoming sixth album, The 2nd Law, which frontman Matt Bellamy described as very eclectic. Bellamy explained, "There's a bigger emphasis on groove, we've always tried to improve on that with every album and I think on two or three tracks we've really nailed it. There's a couple of tracks where we've captured the other side of us too, they're quite minimal. There's a really jazzy brass number, I even tried to get a sax solo."

A recent trailer for the new record featured a clip of a song that included some dubstep influence, much to the consternation of some fans.

Bellamy confirmed that the tune is on the album, but said it's the only one to feature the trendy electronic sound. He added, "We wanted to show that the album's got lots of different faces. We've tried a bunch of new things, which the trailer gives a glimpse of . . . There's only one track like that, the rest of it is very very diverse."

The 2nd Law is due out in September. The first official single from that set, "Unsustainable," will be sent to rock radio in August.

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