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The new album from the Smashing Pumpkins, Oceania, debuted at Number Four on the Billboard album chart on Wednesday (June 27th), selling 54,000 copies in its first week of release. The last Pumpkins album to make the chart, 2007's Zeitgeist, entered at Number Two with sales of 145,000 copies. The band, which currently counts frontman Billy Corgan as its sole original member, first charted 21 years ago when its debut disc Gish landed at Number 195 back in September 1991. Corgan told us why it was necessary to release a traditional album again after a few years of experimenting with different ways to distribute music: "Putting our foot down and saying we still believe in the album, which even a few years ago I was thinking was a dead form and maybe in five years it will be a completely dead form, sort of brought the focus that we needed to ask the record business that still is there to focus on us enough to try to bring an audience in to find it." Oceania is "an album inside an album," with the material also being part of the band's in-progress 44-song cycle, Teargarden By Kaleidyscope.It's also the first Pumpkins record to feature the current lineup of Mike Byrne on drums, Nicole Fiorentino on bass and Jeff Schroeder on guitar. The Pumpkins have yet to announce tour plans behind the new disc, although they are expected to tour the U.S. this fall.

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