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The Offspring release their ninth studio album, Days Go By, on Tuesday (June 26th). The California punk rockers last issued new music in 2008 with Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace, and previously left a five-year gap between that effort and its predecessor, 2003's Splinter. We asked guitarist Kevin "Noodles" Wasserman if the band has ever caught flak from its label for taking so long between records: "You know, there's times when, you know, we'll call management and go, 'We're not done yet. What's the label saying? Are they pissed?' 'Ah, don't worry about it, you know, we'll get by.' 'OK, good, that's what we wanted to hear.' The pressure really hasn't ever been bad, because we have been around for a while and we've had a certain amount of success, people kind of leave us alone to do it the way we do it best." Frontman Dexter Holland told Rolling Stone recently that Days Go By is "our ninth record, so we've got to dig a little bit deeper, and that's what we want to do as well. I think music is so diverse today and bands are so diverse . . . it's kind of anything goes, so that allowed us to try different things." The title track from the album is currently a Top 10 hit at both Active and Modern Rock radio, making it their 15th single to do so.The Offspring have been on the road in Europe and will play scattered festivals in Canada, the U.S. and Europe over the next two months, including a headlining slot at the Sunset Strip Music Festival in Los Angeles in late August.

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