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3 Doors Down plans to record "three or four new songs" later this year for inclusion in a greatest hits package, according to Alternative Addiction. Singer Brad Arnold revealed to the site, "We're going to go back into the studio and record three or four new songs and we're going to release a greatest hits record around November. I never thought, honestly, that I'd be in a band long enough to do a greatest hits record and I think it's awesome."Arnold told us a while back how 3 Doors Down goes about writing new songs: "There's no really set process of what comes first or what comes last. We just get in there and start writing -- it might be a guitar riff, it might be a few lyrics or whatever, you know. We get in there and start building off of it and just let the process go. Nobody really kind of dictates what everybody else does, so it really turns into a team effort. Everybody kind of has their input on the songs, and it really works out good like that." Arnold also said that he wants to do what a lot of other bands are doing these days and play one or two of the group's albums from start to finish in concert. He explained, "I would like to either take The Better Life or Away From The Sun and walk out on stage and play the record from front to back. That would be cool -- a lot of our fans, they really like those first two records . . . Maybe you don't even do the same one every night. One night you go out there and play the first one and maybe one night you go out there and play the second. I think that would be pretty fun to do and I think fans would enjoy it too."

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