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Far from finished after blasting Radiohead last week, Smashing Pumpkins frontmanBilly Corgan has also turned his attention to the former members of his band. In the same interview with NMECorgan first went after ex-drummer Jimmy Chamberlin for statements he made in 2009 after he departed the group, in which he implied that Corgan was just cashing in on the name. Corgan told NME, "See now, here is a perfect opportunity for me to bury Jimmy as a f***ing liar. But I won't. That's a lie. That statement's just a flat-out lie. I'm OK with Jimmy. We don't have a relationship at the moment, but I mean, I have no ill will. I want to see him do well."

Corgan was less charitable toward former guitarist James Iha, saying, "James Iha, I think, is just a piece of s***. I think he's one of the worst human beings I've ever met in my life."

As for original bassist D'Arcy Wretzky, Corgan said, "In her own way, (she's) sort of an innocent. She's not a bad person. And I don't hold any ill will towards her, even though I've had to deal with f***ing lawsuits and stuff like that."

The Pumpkins founder turned his fire on Iha again, adding, "If there's any f***ing culprit in this it's Iha. But you know, he was there at the right time in my life, we did do good things together, I think he is a good musician when he gives a f***, which most of the time he doesn't. And that's about it."

Corgan has said in multiple interviews that he's pleased with the current lineup of the Pumpkins, of which he is the sole original member. 

The singer/guitarist's comments on Radiohead made headlines last week, when he said, "I'll p*** on f***ing Radiohead, because of all this pomposity." 

The Smashing Pumpkins release a new studio album, Oceania, on Tuesday (June 19th). The disc follows up 2007's Zeitgeist, which was the first Pumpkins album since the original band dissolved in 2000.


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