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Hi, I'm Jennie. Age 26

I live in: Hillsboro

my measurements: 5'8", 38DD, 180lbs... More to love!!

favorite artists/bands: Flogging Molly, Aerosmith, Tom Petty, Staind, Breaking Ben, Buckcherry, Kansas, pretty much most 70s rock and hippie rock. My mom calls me a born again hippie lol!

what I seek in a partner: Just someone to have fun with... Not anything serious right now. Just someone to hang out with and someone that's not gonna f*** me over!

turn-ons: Tats, piercings, nice eyes, smile, honesty, sense of humor, the 'bad boy' type that you can't take home to mom!

turn-offs: Hygiene issues, bad teeth, excess baggage, no sense of where their life is going, MEGA ego, someone who thinks their hotter than everyone else!

why other users would find me interesting: My dads a tat artist, i love going to concerts... i really don't know... you'll just have to find out ;)

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