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Hi, I'm Robin in ALABAMA. Age 43

I live in: madison

my measurements: 5'7 ....????What?

favorite artists/bands: anything really, I love all kinds of music-I own over 4000 cd's

what I seek in a partner: drop me a line and see

turn-ons: Irish, Scottish or British accents,nice cologne, guys that are REAL and not out to please the crowd, a great sense of humor, a cute smile and someone that can talk about almost anything but cars! Tattoos are cool too

turn-offs: Men with Southern accents, whiners, cheaters, snobs, slobs, fakers, takers, shall i go on?

why other users would find me interesting: Im Scottish-Irish-Cherokee. I work for Delta Air Lines. I'm a very funny gal with a wide variety of interests, too many to name here! Im not a snob. Most people usually tell me that I favor Jennifer Tilly, what do you think?

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