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Hi, I'm Maleri. Age 28

I live in: Jerseyville

my measurements: 5'3

favorite artists/bands: -Breaking Benjamin,Hinder,Flyleaf,Avenaged Sevenfold,3 Doors Down,The Fray,Prom Kings,Aerosmith, Taproot,Stone Sour,Trapt,Slipknot,Evanscences,Rob Zombie,Blue October,Puddle of Mudd,Hatebreed,Ozzy,Lamb of God,Sum 41,Finger Eleven,Sick Puppies,Chevelle,Seether,Saliva,Korn,NIN,Egypt Central,Tool, Static-X, Godsmack, TRUSTcompany, Disturbed, Staind, Three Days Grace,etc.

what I seek in a partner: fun, funny, caring, working, tall, nice, good looking, not a bugger, educated, homebody, but loves to go out and party

turn-ons: nice smile, sexy eyes, smart, funny, fun, tall, nice body, good attitude, confident, employeed

turn-offs: gold diggers, lyers, players/cheaters, dumbass, hypocrites, clingy, dirty, annoying, hairy, long hair, big, extremely cocky, guys who think they are gods gift to women, jobless

why other users would find me interesting: My friends describe me as very talkitive, shy, laid back, outgoing, spontanous, flirty, fun, funny, caring, kind, smartass, etc. lol. I am a very open-minded person and love meeting new people and doing new things.

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