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Hi, I'm Tara Jane. Age 30

I live in: Florissant

my measurements: 5'6", curvy...think Bettie Page

favorite artists/bands: The Films, Ununbiun, Dresden Dolls, Tiger Army, Pearl Jam, Postal Service, The Doors, etc.

what I seek in a partner: Humor, raw sex appeal, confidant, secure, educated, employed, talented, romantic, did I leave anything out?

turn-ons: lip rings, good kissers, ink, pomps, PDA, bad horror films, boys in bands, eyes, abs, etc.

turn-offs: bad teeth, bad breath, insecurity, lazy, bad kissers, inconsiderate, etc.

why other users would find me interesting: I'm Japanese, a pinup model, an artist, great cook, love to take care of people that treat me well, don't smoke, rarely drink, I'm the kind of girl you can take home to mom, but brag about in the locker room.

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