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Hi, I'm Ashley. Age 25

I live in: belleville

my measurements: 5'11 yes tall i know

favorite artists/bands: Anything really aslong as it sounds good.

what I seek in a partner: Nice teeth, nIce body,tan, built, likes to have a good time or is up for anything ,likes to cuddle,tall guys, guys who don't lie, guys who like sex every once in awhile guys who treats girls like they are the world to them and love them for who they are..

turn-ons: Nice body, good teeth...

turn-offs: 1 IS DRAMA i hate it!! A Guy who is all about himself.. Bad breath,bad teeth eww yuk... does not take care of himself, really short guys ,Losers who are doing nottin with there life..cheaters, guys who lie..

why other users would find me interesting: I'm a pretty simple girl; it doesn't take much to make me happy because I probably already was. Im not the type of person who really cares alot about what people think of me,i am who i am and i will always be just me! I LOOOOOVE my friends and Family they are my everything!! When you get right to it - I'm not the most fashionable or trendy girl, I'm not a high-maintenance chick, I will speak my mind, and I am stubborn at times.Im a COUNTRY GIRL!!! and i love it, im deff not scared to get DoWn & DiRtY i'm a laid back kind of person who is basically down for anything at least once... I Try to live life to my fullest, i have made many mistakes in life, but i don't regret any of them, all they did was make me a stronger person ,i can get along with basically anyone , I CAN'T STAND DRAMA....I hate liars and people who use people or use the word LOVE and really don't mean what they say. SPEAK YOUR MIND! I love all kinds of sports im up for playing anything! Volleyball is my favorite! I love

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